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Whether you're looking to deepen your relationships, advance your career, or simply discover your own path forward, I'll be there as a creative thinking partner with you every step of the way. Together as men, we will work one-on-one in virtual coaching sessions, exploring the nuances of your inner world and uncovering the tools you need to thrive in every aspect of your life.

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Through reflective inquiry, our sessions will focus on insight-based learning and identity-level transformation. By examining beliefs, perceptions, and fears, we can create disruptions in thinking that lead to breakthrough change. Coaching is about identifying deep-seated beliefs and biases that are blocking your progress and empowering you to make shifts from within.


As a men's life coach, I believe that changing the meaning behind life can change everything.

It's not about giving advice or playing fixer, but about challenging interpretations, testing assumptions, and noticing emotional shifts. Together, we can create long-lasting behavioral change through uncomfortable yet supportive coaching.


Life is a journey of personal exploration, and we each have unique questions to ask ourselves at different stages of this journey. We have the power to choose whether we engage in this conversation or not, but if we don't, we risk losing the color and joy that make life worth living. As your life coach, I'm here to guide you in this journey and help you unlock your potential.


My approach focuses on re-framing your limiting beliefs and biases, promoting creative thinking, and encouraging reflective inquiry to uncover hidden realizations. Problem-solution based coaching, which is linear and externally focused, only scratches the surface of long-standing beliefs and behaviors. Transformational coaching, on the other hand, looks beyond problems and options and delves into thought patterns, biases, and emotional filters.


As your guide, I will challenge you to step out of your comfort zone and confront the truths that may have been holding you back. This process can be uncomfortable, as clients often realize they have been avoiding truths that were in front of them all along. But this tension means that the coaching is working, and clients emerge with a deeper understanding of themselves and the world around them.


In the end, the journey of personal growth and discovery is yours to take. By coaching the person instead of the problem, I provide a safe and supportive environment to explore your beliefs and values, ultimately empowering you to make critical decisions and take action towards the life you truly desire.

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As I introduce myself to you, I do so not just as a coach, but as a fellow traveler on this journey we call life. Together with my beautiful wife, we've navigated the joys and challenges of a 20-year committed relationship. Her work as a clinical embodied therapist has deeply influenced my own journey in men's life coaching.


I have also been privileged to lead the BREATHE festival for almost 10 years, a community learning event that celebrates mindfulness, balance, and creativity.


For over 17 years my work as a senior studio production artist in the fast-paced world of marketing and advertising has further honed my ability to support others in navigating the professional sphere. Hence this bad ass website!


As a member of the Project Adam Men’s Group, I have had the privilege of supporting and being supported by my fellow men. Together, we explore life’s intricacies and embrace the limitless potential within us all.


But beyond these roles and accomplishments lies the foundation of my being: my continuous spiritual journey. From my first encounter with yogic philosophy in 2002, I have been drawn to the path of equanimity and finding peace within. This connection to the self is a lifelong practice, a journey that unfolds moment by moment.


In the words of David Whyte, we are all "creatures who are continually on our way," and my purpose in life is to help others embrace their own journey, to dig deep and discover the truths that will set them free.

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  • What does a coaching session look like?
    Life coaching involves a partnership for creative thinking and creating a safe space for clients to sort through their thoughts. Coaching models are valuable if they identify an outcome for the session, discover blocks that need to be resolved, and articulate achievable next steps. Keeping the conversation on track towards a fulfilling resolution is a crucial aspect of coaching.
  • What are common coaching scenarios centered around?
    1. Building confidence and self-esteem 2. Overcoming fear and anxiety 3. Developing better communication skills 4. Setting and achieving personal and professional goals 5. Navigating career changes and transitions 6. Strengthening relationships and improving intimacy 7. Coping with stress and burnout 8. Managing anger and other difficult emotions 9. Finding purpose and meaning in life 10. Improving overall health and well-being
  • What are session agreements and basic service agreements?
    At the start of each individual life coaching session, we establish a session agreement that serves as a framework for our conversation. This agreement helps us stay on track while also allowing for open dialogue to explore any obstacles, opportunities, or challenges you may be facing. By creating a clear structure, we can work together to dive deeper into the underlying issues and develop actionable strategies for personal growth and development. A basic service agreement outlines the terms of our coaching engagement between coach and client. It will include details such as the duration and frequency of the coaching sessions, fees and payment terms, confidentiality and privacy policies, and the roles and responsibilities for each of us as the coach and client. The agreement / contract sets clear expectations for the coaching relationship and will establish a framework for progress and accountability.
  • What is the difference between coaching and therapy?
    There are some key differences between the two. Coaching can feel therapeutic but it is not therapy. Therapy is typically focused on addressing past trauma or mental health issues, while coaching is focused on setting goals, creating action plans, and making progress towards specific outcomes. Overall, coaching and therapy are both valuable tools for personal growth and development, but they have different approaches and focuses. It's important to choose the right approach for your specific needs and goals. Focus: Coaching generally focuses on the present moment & future, while therapy often focuses on the past. Coaching sessions tend to focus on setting and achieving goals, while therapy sessions may delve into past experiences, trauma and emotions. Timeframe: Coaching is often short-term, with a specific focus on achieving a goal or making a change. Therapy may be longer-term and more open-ended, with a focus on addressing underlying psychological issues. Credentials: While there are no regulations regarding who can call themselves a coach, therapists must have specific qualifications and be licensed to practice. Approach: Coaching tends to be more action-oriented, with an emphasis on accountability and practical steps to achieve goals. Coaching is typically focused on a specific area of life, such as career, relationships, or personal growth. Therapy may address a broader range of issues, including mental health diagnosis's like bipolar, depression and anxiety.
  • What's the difference between awareness based and solution based coaching?
    Awareness-based also known as transformational coaching and solution-focused coaching are two coaching approaches that differ in focus and methods. Awareness-based coaching prioritizes self-awareness and insight for personal growth and change, while solution-focused coaching emphasizes practical solutions to specific problems or challenges. Awareness-based coaching may take longer and involve exploring deeper underlying issues, while solution-focused coaching is typically shorter and more goal-oriented. Ultimately, both approaches aim to promote personal growth and change, but differ in their focus and time frame.
  • Say more about positive visioning and setting goals?
    In my experience, setting goals and positive visioning are important components of coaching. Having a clear desired outcome in mind helps to shift the focus away from the problem and toward a more positive and inspiring future. By envisioning what is possible, clients are able to tap into their strengths and create a self-directed path forward. This approach allows the coaching conversation to be more appreciative, optimistic, and productive.
  • Is life coaching only for people who are struggling?
    Another misconception about life coaching is that it is only for people who are struggling or facing major life challenges. In reality, coaching can be beneficial for anyone who wants to improve their life in some way, whether it's setting and achieving new goals, developing new skills, or simply gaining more clarity and direction.
  • Does there need to be a clear vision for a desired outcome for every coaching session?
    It's not necessary for the client to have a clear vision of their desired outcome at the beginning of every coaching session. In fact, many clients start out unsure of what they want to achieve and may only have a general sense of the issues they want to address. The coaching process can help them gain clarity and insight, even if the ultimate destination is not immediately clear. Coaching sessions may take unexpected turns before arriving at a resolution that reveals previously unknown desires. Therefore, it's okay for clients to come in with a sense of confusion or lack of clarity, as that's where the coaching process can truly make a difference.
  • Do life coaches tell you what to do?
    In the realm of life coaching, there is a widespread notion that coaches hold all the answers or offer advice on what to do. However, a skilled coach knows that each individual has their own inner compass, values, and potential waiting to be discovered. The coach's role is to help uncover these hidden treasures and offer support to create a personalized plan that aligns with their client's unique needs and aspirations. It's crucial to recognize that while life coaching can be transformative, it requires dedication and commitment from both the coach and the client to manifest meaningful change.
  • Is life coaching a magic solution?
    Life coaching is a powerful tool for personal growth and development, but it's important to understand that it's not a quick fix. While coaching can provide valuable insights and guidance, it requires dedication and effort from both the coach and the client to achieve meaningful results. With commitment and a willingness to explore new perspectives and behaviors, life coaching can be a transformative experience that leads to lasting change and a more fulfilling life. Sometimes the best learning happens in the time between coaching sessions.
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You’ve been such a positive and bright influence on me. Over the years, as I’ve attempted to find myself as a man in today’s world, I’ve looked towards you for influence and guidance. I respect you greatly for how you carry yourself, for your keen ability to say the right thing at the right time and to listen intently when it matters most. I am who I am today because of you!

Mr. Matrejek –  
I have had the opportunity to interact with thousands upon thousands of souls in my blip of a lifetime on this floating rock we call earth, and you sir are one of my favorite human encounters. Your existence is a ripple of inspiration for everyone around you. You are one of a kind. Thank you for existing.

The work the you do is extremely impactful. In just one session, you’ve helped me shift the way I perceive situations and gave me actionable tools to work towards a goal you helped me identify.

Much love to you Mike,
we have a long and transformative journey ahead of us together, and I look forward to it. Your heart brings people together in a way that brings peace, love and joy into their lives. Your kindness and generosity are always at the forefront of your leadership. Thank you for being such a kind soul, a warm & loving friend and a person with vision and compassion.

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Single Session


50 Minute Session
$100 per session



4 Sessions


50 Minute Sessions
$95 per session



8 Sessions


50 Minute Sessions
$90 per session


Pricing is $100 per 50 minute session.

Our initial 20-minute discovery call comes at no cost to you. This is not a coaching session but rather an opportunity for us to determine if we're a good fit for each other. Following this, our coaching sessions will follow the pay structure below. Pre-paid packages of 4 or 8 sessions are available at a discounted rate. Payment can be made through PayPal, Zelle or by Venmo.

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Condor Men's Work.

Michael Matrejek, M.C.P.C.

Life Coaching For Men.


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